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At Haldin, we believe that the best quality products come from a combination of the right process and the best technology.

Commited to this principle, we ensure that everything at Haldin; The People, The Processes, and The Technology is properly integrated.

Haldin's extensive experience in meeting the needs of the food, beverage, flavor, fragrance, health food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, coupled with expertise across its five key product groups, faciliate synergy and innovation in the creation of customized solutions to customer needs.

 As well as responding to specific customer briefs, Haldin’s engineers and technicians are also involved in proactive research into new ingredients or improved techniques that will bring out the best in natural materials and provide better ingredients that will contribute to product quality and better meet customer needs.

As part of providing total solutions to customers, Haldin has its own innovation lab :

✔ Innovation Lab Bakery and Confectionery

✔ Innovation Lab Seasoning

✔ Innovation Lab Cosmetic and Personal Care

✔ Innovation Lab Dairy and Beverage

The Innovation Lab allows Haldin to show and display prototype products for its current and potential customers, giving them the opportunity to give input on finished products ideas. Customers can experience the aroma, taste, and the physical appearance of proposed finished products. The formulations devised by our Innovation Lab expert are often tested by internal panels before being presented to customers. 

At Haldin, customer response and feedback on prototypes always plays a vital role and helps us as we strive for continuous improvement and to exceed customers needs. The Innovation Lab helps us in devising the right product or combination of products to optimize end product efficacy, impact or differentiation.

Technical services play significant roles ensuring us to deliver only the best quality products.

From start to finish, technical services put lots of their attempt to guarantee the product quality achieved. By monitoring and analyzing products with several parameters, Haldin technical services must ensure the finished products are within the specification, making sure those rigid requirements are met.

Before raw materials are being processed, Haldin would do several checks, initially regarding the supplier requirement and the raw materials diagnose. It is done for us to be able to detect and check whether raw materials received are within our range of specification. From there, technical services would ensure that we only purchase those best quality raw materials. Once agreed, we would then transfer and give it to be produced by our related operating business units. When the production finished, it will be returned back to the technical services, the finished products must pass the quality test on product specification.

To check the finished product quality, Haldin equip itself by providing several tools which includes; Gas Chromatography, High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Microbiological Testing Unit. Several components being tested are; microbiological testing, total solid, active ingredients and the physical appearances which must pass our rigid requirement.

When the products quality have been ensured and approved, technical services would issue the supporting data as the reliable & valid documentation. Those related data include; Certificate of Analysis or COA, Material Sheet Data Specification or MSDS and Product Specification. All data at the end will be documented and kept for specific period of time, depending on their use.

Those stages of checking and analyzing, is done only to meet the high products requirement from customers. By understanding that, hence delivering the best quality products would be placed as our first priority.