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At Haldin, we believe that the best quality products come from a combination of the right process and the best technology. Commited to this principle, we ensure that everything at Haldin; The People, The Processes, and The Technology is properly integrated

We are fully equipped with the technology, expertise, and experience to employ the right production technique to produce the right product :

✔ Milling

✔ Distilling

✔ Fractionating

✔ Extracting

✔ Spray drying

The Pilot Plants provide a way to simulate a continuous countercurrent extraction process and pre-determine process parameters such as temperature, solvent requirement, yields, production time and costs.

Knowing the product quality and evaporation behavior or temperature sensitivity of an extract is important for a successful extraction.

Haldin pilot extraction and evaporation plants provide us the possibility to determine the relevant process parameters which are necessary for the production plant beforehand.

Haldin extraction plants fully meet these demands due to innovative exchange of views with customers and extensive experiences in practice. The extraction plants are used for the recovery of natural extracts; oleoresins, colorings, aromas, extractive-basic materials in general from:

✔ Leaves

✔ Roots

✔ Seeds

✔ Barks

✔ Spices

✔ Fruits

✔ Others

Evaporation unit, condenser, vacuum pump. 

Advantages from pilot extraction plants:

Determination of all process conditions which are necessary for the design and of a production plant, as for example: yields, solvent requirement, temperatures, etc.