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Fruit & Vegetable

Haldin's product line in fruit & vegetable extract, available in wide range of tropical fruit & vegetable.

Our products are produced from selected raw material, which can be an excellent solution for the needs of natural ingredients base both for requirement in natural benefits and standard regulation claims.



Starting from tightly monitoring of raw materials selection to calculating the optimum process, our fruit & vegetable extracts are developed to achieve premium quality product.

✅ Water soluble

✅ Natural colour

✅ Taste and aroma recovery

✅ Long shelf life

✅ Food safety standard


Beverage: Fruit juice based, fruit tea based, hot drinks, cold drinks, syrup
Dairy: Ice cream, powder milk, liquid milk, yoghurt
Confectionary: soft candy, hard candy, jelly, chocolate, pudding
Bakery: soft cake, cream filling, biscuit
Pharmaceutical: Fruit & Vegetable supplement
Others: Baby food